About Minority Business Listings


Minority Business Listings (MBL) Inc. is a nonprofit corporation founded by entrepreneur, sports analyst, philanthropist, and former NFL Player and UF Athletic Alumnus, Wayne Fields.

The purpose of MB Listings is to provide valuable exposure and visibility to minority-owned businesses throughout Alachua County. We also offer an innovative and informative advertising platform to Fortune® 500 companies that desire to target and reach these businesses and consumers.



To provide relief to the poor and underprivileged and to combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency by:

  • Implementing sessions, courses, inspirational events, and other edifying
    and informative activities that will encourage at-risk youth and others to
    succeed in school, in their professions, and in life.
  • Coaching youth in after-school sports activities to help develop initiative,
    strength, and good values.
  • Assisting small, minority, and veteran-owned businesses identify and take
    advantage of economic resources and opportunities.



Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to advertise your business or a consumer looking for services, MB Listings provide the residents of Alachua County with a list of professional, certified, reputable and reliable minority-owned businesses through its annual publication and website.  Our goals are to help minority-owned businesses grow their clientele, expand their brand, and increase their revenue.  To help accomplishes those goals, MB Listings offer several opportunities for our members, which includes business referrals, marketing consultation and advertising production.



MB Listings is also committed to helping minority-owned businesses establish a strong work force of qualified and dedicated employees.  We provide this service through our community program, CLOUT, in which skilled and trained workers are matched with businesses. Minority Business Listings is here to serve you with the best solutions to help your businesses grow to the next level.



“We are passionate about providing every minority-owned business with the tools to succeed and connecting consumers in Alachua County to those businesses.”   

— Wayne Fields / CEO & Founder



  • List your business for FREE!
  • Step-by-step, cost-effective marketing plans and strategic planning opportunities.
  • Increase your brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Reach consumers in Alachua County and surrounding counties.
  • Leading Alachua County resource (print and online) promoting minority-owned businesses.
  • Over 35 years of experience advertising, marketing, branding, publishing & strategic planning.


  • Established in 2012 and published the first MB Listing Directory in 2013.
  • Fourth edition will be published in 2020.
  • Strong business network in Alachua County and throughout the entire state of Florida.
  • Total distribution of 10,000 with a reach of 50,000+ consumers.
  • Distribution sites in over 50 locations throughout Alachua County.


Become a premier member and MB Listings will make the difference in your business!