Community Linkages and Opportunities for Unemployed Teenagers

CLOUT, which stands for Community Linkages and Opportunities for Unemployed Teenagers, is a community program that prepares and places young adults from ages 15-20 years old, who want to work in a summer job. The CLOUT Program was developed in 1988 and was administered by the School Board’s Vocational and Adult Education Department.  Mr. Wayne Fields served as one of the Job Development Consultants, who successfully developed and managed the CLOUT Program.  During its first year, nearly 750 students from schools throughout Alachua County applied for the program; more than 350 youth completed the training; and 206 were hired for temporary summer jobs.  The CLOUT Program had phenomenal growth; placed thousands of students in summer jobs; developed positive and productive relations between the schools and business sectors; and made a positive impact in the community from 1988 to the early 2000’s.

Now Mr. Fields is excited to revise the CLOUT Program and help our youth of today attain training and jobs. The CLOUT Program will once again be for young people ages 15 – 20 years.  Students who enroll in the program will have to complete 12 hours of “job preparedness training”.  They will be taught how to develop a resume, fill out an application, contact potential employers and handle interviews.  After students are trained, the program will operate like an employment agency, and serve as a bridge that connects skilled and qualified young people to businesses and government agencies in Alachua County.

Become a partner of the CLOUT Program

Help provide a productive, summer learning experience for our youth.  By providing job opportunities, you can help shape the future of our youth and help Alachua County become a better tomorrow.